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Perri Silverstein
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The location on this page has been reported permanently closed.

Last updated: Nov 18, 2020

It seems that brunch is becoming extremely popular with foodies and eggs benedict enthusiasts. Scores of my friends run out every Sunday in search of the perfect menu. I want to let everyone in on a secret. I found an inexpensive but extremely tasty brunch joint in Midtown Roppongi. That’s right, the area known for its high-end restaurants and exclusive boutiques is home to this hidden gem: Breaq.

Breaq is named for its selection of set meals, each offering a different variation of breakfast items. Keep in mind that the menu is all in Japanese, though the friendly staff will do their best to help you order. Below are the recommended set offerings translated into English (the English name of each meal should be understood by the Breaq staff):

Quick: toast, bacon, sunny side-up eggs, mashed potato (600 yen)

Simple: 2-bread selection, sausage, scrambled egg, hashed-brown potato (600 yen)

Natural: bread selection, yogurt, poached egg, mashed potato, small salad (750 yen)

Standard: toast, bacon, egg over easy, mashed potato, small salad, soup (900 yen)

Power: French toast, bacon, egg over hard, mashed potato, large salad, soup (1,350 yen)

The coffee starts boiling at 7am, which is perfect for early morning breakfast meetings for the nearby office workers. Even better, the unlimited refills are a godsend for caffeine addicts.

During meal times other than breakfast, Breaq boasts an array of menu items such as chicken, different types of curry and more. Warm sake service begins at 5pm, yet it is clear that Breaq is best suited as a breakfast and brunch destination. If you do end up dining at Breaq for dinner, be sure to take a peek at the wine list as new wines are added to the list quite frequently. Breaq is also a popular and perhaps unlikely spot to watch sports games together with friends and fellow fans. During the soccer season, the restaurant unleashes a big screen to display the matches.

If you find yourself in the Midtown area of Roppongi, stop by Breaq for a well-balanced meal before starting your day. From the big Midtown intersection (southeast corner of the Roppongi Midtown complex), head downhill along the winding road. Breaq is a block and a half down on the right side, before the next set of traffic lights.

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