Cherry Blossoms Along Meguro River

The simple beauty of scattered petals

By Tomoko Kamishima   - 1 min read

The more than 800 cherry trees along the Meguro River are now at their best. The tree-lined avenue runs for about 4 km between JR Meguro Station and the Toyoko Line's Nakameguro Station. I enjoyed a 30-minute walk under these cherry blossoms in full bloom. The day was windy, and so the soft pink petals were scattered by the wind and eventually fell down into the river to form a beautiful pink blanket. The combination of pretty pink floral patterns and light reflecting off the river was an amazing sight to see.

Towards nightfall near Nakameguro Station, lanterns were lit and people flocked to the area's cool bars and cafés for nightime cherry blossom viewing. The Meguro River riverside is a nice urban place to enjoy a glass of wine. It’s also a great place for a quiet party, date, or for solo travelers!

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Tomoko Kamishima

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