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Cozy Style Coffee

Relaxing coffee and light fare in Ochiai

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Cozy Style Coffee is a wonderful international cafe located in the residential Ochiai neighborhood of Tokyo. This cafe specializes in artisan coffee, with the owner roasting and grinding beans on site. The organic beans are selectively sourced and are pesticide and chemical fertilizer free. A variety of single origin coffees can be tried, including Peruvian, Ethiopian, Colombian, Tanzanian, Costa Rican, Indonesian and others. Coffee drinks include hot or iced coffee. A unique tea made from coffee cherries, the outer part of the coffee fruit surrounding the coffee bean, is also on the menu. There are also craft beer and juices available.

Light meals are available for lunch or dinner including a delicious homemade chili con carne hot dog, various gratins, salads and sandwiches and a pumpkin cream chicken stew. A standout item is their signature French toast, lightly egg-battered thick slices of toast accompanied by sliced bananas, a Kiwi compote and ice cream. Salads, sandwiches and various baked goods are also available.

The cafe has a personal touch with the owner dedicated to tailoring the coffee experience to the customer's taste preferences. The venue is truly cozy with a warmly appointed space, featuring tables and couches around a fireplace in the back of the shop. The owner is an architect and tucked on the shelves throughout the cafe are various design and architecture books as well as a display of models of the owner's architectural designs. Single serving drip coffee packs or fresh roasted beans are also available for purchase and to enjoy at home. There is also live music including jazz shows at various times. Unique and independent in style, this cafe is a refreshing change from chain coffee stores. Cozy Style Coffee is open from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday to Sundays and closed on Mondays. It is within easy walking distance from the Ochiai Metro station, (exit 1)

Getting there

Cozy Style Coffee is within walking distance from Ochiai Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line.

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