Egg & Spuma Overrun by Sanrio

Kuromi and My Melody cute the place up!

Serena Ogawa   - 4 min read

Calling all fans of sweets, food, and cuteness! Egg & Spuma in Lumine Est Shinjuku has partnered with Sanrio to make an absolutely, wickedly cute collaboration starring Kuromi and My Melody lasting until the end of October.

Heartful Burger - 1500 yen
Heartful Burger - 1500 yen (Photo: 「KUROMI♡MY MELODY CAFE」)

Egg & Spuma touts a chic European style that’s sure to enthrall the hearts of any ladies who visit; even begrudging boyfriends will come around once they peruse the menu. The usual menu is graced by heaps of omelets, hamburgers, fried chicken, risotto, and roast beef. While they also offer sweets like pancakes and parfaits, you can even find mint smoothies.

Once you’ve looked at their full-time menu, don’t forget to choose something from the limited-time Kuromi x My Melody dishes. They are all peak cuteness.

Piano Strawberry Luxury Parfait - 1480 yen
Piano Strawberry Luxury Parfait - 1480 yen (Photo: 「KUROMI♡MY MELODY CAFE」)

Experience the fluffy goodness of a heart-shaped omelet or a pink-bun hamburger. There are stacked chocolate and fruit parfaits and even an afternoon tea time tray set of sweets! No matter what you order off of the limited-time menu, you are going to be enchanted by the Sanrio levels of charm. But move your tail because this collab menu is only here until October 31, 2020. Egg & Spuma is open from 11:00 to 21:00 with the last order being at 20:00.

Lovely Afternoon Tea Set - 3980 yen
Lovely Afternoon Tea Set - 3980 yen (Photo: 「KUROMI♡MY MELODY CAFE」)

If you love Kuromi and My Melody then you might also enjoy a trip out to Sanrio Puroland. It’s a straight 40-minute ride from Shinjuku Station, where Egg & Spuma is located, and you’ll have a fun-filled day of near-illegal amounts of adorable! What better way to spend a day?

Getting there

Located on the 8th floor of Lumine Est in Shinjuku, Egg & Spuma is just a 1-minute walk from Shinjuku Station.

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