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Futako Tamagawa

A great place for picnics and fireworks

Michael Ying
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Futako Tamagawa is a train station located in Setagaya, Tokyo. Easily accessible from downtown using the Denentoshi line or Tokyu Oimachi line, Futakotamagawa is only 15 minutes away from Shibuya station. Recently the station has been turned into a giant shopping center with many restaurants and bars, and apartment buildings have sprouted almost constantly. But the charm of Futako Tamagawa is not in its shopping center, it's the area right next to Tamagawa River. The riverside is a beautiful place to enjoy Tokyo's summer. The area is incredibly spacious, and makes the perfect place to hold a picnic. 

Parallel to the park and overlooking the river, there are many outdoor restaurants with BBQ pits and prepared food. This makes for summertime BBQ without all the hassle of bringing and buying your own ingredients and BBQ equipment. Hyogojima Park is upstream and west of Futako Tamagawa Station. Here you can enjoy a day of fishing or just splash around in the river during a hot day. There are many families who come to the park on weekends but even on the most crowded days, Hyogojima is spacious enough to never feel crowded. The park extends under the giant freeway overpass, which makes for great shade during the hot day. With the deep blue river and green grass, the park is also a perfect spot for photographers to catch a beautiful sunset. 

After the sun goes down you can head down to Futakotamagawa Park for summertime fireworks. This park is also home to the Tamagawa fireworks festival, but fireworks can be enjoyed on any fine evening in Japan. Futakotamagawa Park is located downstream and sits parallel to the river. The park is beautifully crafted and there is even a Starbucks which overlooks the river. Just below the Starbucks is a big concrete lot which is specifically used for hand held fireworks. Fireworks are allowed until 9pm, but the guards are usually pretty lenient and will let you finish off any fireworks you have purchased. Fireworks are sold at any Don Quixote, and the more expensive hand crafted Senko Hanabi can usually be purchased at any department store. These specially crafted fireworks are meant to resemble summer flowers and are quite expensive. 

So whether you want to let off fireworks, shop or have some fun without spending money, Futakotamagawa is a great place to enjoy your summer day. 

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