Exterior (Photo: Haneda Airport Garden)

Haneda Airport Garden

A cultural, modern, and convenient gateway to Japan

Exterior (Photo: Haneda Airport Garden)
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For many visitors, Haneda Airport serves as their first glimpse of Japan. Elevate your airport experience with a visit to the recently opened Haneda Airport Garden!

What is Haneda Airport Garden?

Airport connection lobby
Airport connection lobby (Photo: Haneda Airport Garden)

Haneda Airport Garden, connected directly to Haneda Airport International Terminal 3, is a multi-purpose facility home to shops, restaurants, two luxurious hotels, a spa, and a far-reaching bus terminal. Given its location, the facility aims to act as an international hub of convenience and cultural exchange where exemplary hospitality and luxury are interwoven into every experience.

Whether you just arrived in Japan, are looking for lodging and transportation options, or are departing and want to pick up some last minute souvenirs, Haneda Airport Garden is the perfect base for cultural exploration and all your travel needs.


Outdoor hot springs with view of Mt. Fuji
Outdoor hot springs with view of Mt. Fuji (Photo: Haneda Airport Garden)

After a multi-hour flight, unwind your cramped muscles with a refreshing onsen experience at Haneda Airport Garden’s spa area. The facility’s wooden designs and traditional touches create an inviting atmosphere that instantly puts your mind and body at ease. Here, you can enjoy a hot stone sauna, a dry sauna, bathing facilities, a restaurant, and indoor and outdoor baths at varying temperatures.

What we love

  • Scenic views of the Tama River, Tokyo cityscape, and Mt. Fuji on clear days
  • The spa is located on the 12th floor, Haneda Airport Garden’s second highest point!
  • The baths use natural hot spring water that is pumped up from deep underneath the airport
  • You can show up empty handed—robe and towel rentals and amenities are available for a fee
  • If you are a first time onsen visiter, the locker rooms have etiquette guidelines in English and Japanese

Business information

  • Most spa facilities are open from 1pm to 10am
  • As of today, if you have a small tattoo(s), the staff will ask you to cover it. If your tattoo(s) is too large, you will not be able to enter. You can purchase a cover sticker at the reception or at vending machines in the changing rooms
  • If you have luggage, store it at the Hospitality Center on the second floor or in coin lockers before entering the spa area
  • Available for hotel and non-hotel guests

Please check IZUMI TENKU no YU’s website for additional details and pricing.

Hotels: Villa Fontaine Grand and Villa Fontaine Premier

Hotel entrance
Hotel entrance (Photo: Haneda Airport Garden)

Haneda Airport Garden has two hotels—Villa Fontaine Grand and its upscale counterpart, Villa Fontaine Premier. These classy accommodations are located inside Haneda Airport and thus, serve as excellent lodging options for visitors with early flights, business travelers, tourists with short-term plans in the surrounding area, or simply people who need a night to recover after a long flight. Both hotels have onsite dining facilities, and Villa Fontaine Premier additionally offers a bar area, 24-hour concierge support, a fitness center, 24-hour room service, and mini bars in each room.

What we love

  • Numerous room types that support a variety of travelers’ needs, including Japanese and Western styles
  • Morning views of the Tama River and Mt. Fuji (depending on room location)
  • The windows have special glass that muffles outside noise—you will forget you are at an airport!
  • You can check how busy the hotels’ restaurants, spa, and laundry facilities are from your interactive TV
  • Multi-language check-in machines (Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese)

Please check the official websites (Grand and Premier) for additional details and pricing.


Japan Promenade
Japan Promenade (Photo: Haneda Airport Garden)

If you are looking to kill some time before or after your flight, look no further than Haneda Airport Garden’s shopping areas (yes, plural). The Japan Promenade, Haneda Collection, and Haneda Sando areas feature roughly 50 shops selling Japanese products, regional specialities, snacks and sweets, made-in-Japan goods, and more—making Haneda Airport Garden a must visit spot for souvenir shopping!

The knowledgeable and passionate shop owners, plus the stores’ mindful designs, will make you feel as though you are traveling around Japan. Some stores sell products that are limited to Haneda Airport Garden, so be sure to check them out!

What we love

  • Traditional goods from multiple prefectures throughout Japan, such as umbrellas from Fukui (Fukui Yougasa), folding fans from Kyoto (HAKUCHIKUDO), and tea products from Shizuoka (JAPANESE TEA KIMIKURA)
  • Tax-free goods at TOBI·BITO SOUVENIR TOKYO
  • TOBI·BITO SWEETS TOKYO has collaboration products with Tokyo National Museum that feature packaging with famous art
  • Anime, pop culture, and kawaii goods
  • Engraved chopsticks at Si gu sa
  • A stationary vending machine at KOKUYODOORS!

Business information

  • Typical business hours: 10am – 8pm (as of April 1, 2023)
  • All three shopping areas are located on the second floor

Please check the official website’s shopping section for specific details and business hours. Select “英語” from the Google Translate Tool (upper right corner) to view the information in English.


Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa
Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa (Photo: Haneda Airport Garden)

Traveling certainly works up an appetite. Fortunately, Haneda Airport Garden is home to 15 restaurants that are guaranteed to satisfy your Japanese cravings. Similar to the shopping areas, many of the restaurants offer regional specialties from all over Japan, including Aichi, Ishikawa, and Gunma. As of today, the food area has 10 standalone stores, plus the Oedo Food Hall, which features five additional restaurants. Let your nose guide you to your next meal!

What we love

  • Udon at HANAYAMA UDON, the 5th generation. You will likely need to wait in line for a seat at this popular restaurant
  • Sweet and savory unagi at Unagi Yondaime Kikukawa
  • Shabu-shabu with Kobe beef at SHABU-SHABU TAJIMAYA
  • Halal options at Siddique

Business information

  • Typical business hours: 11am – 9/10pm (as of April 1, 2023)
  • Most restaurants close between 3pm and 5pm
  • Located on the first floor

Please check the official website’s category section and select “Cafes & restaurants” for specific details and business hours. Select “英語” from the Google Translate Tool (upper right corner) to view the information in English.

Bus Terminal

Bus terminal
Bus terminal (Photo: Haneda Airport Garden)

Of course, an airport’s main function is travel. In order to enhance its role as a base for international and domestic travel, Haneda Airport Garden opened a sleek and revolutionary bus terminal.

What we love

  • DIRECT access to a number of popular tourist destinations across Japan, such as Aomori, Yamagata, Niigata, Mie, Ishikawa, Osaka, Nagano, and Shizuoka.
  • Comfortable travel for passengers with heavy luggage and children
  • Indoor bus terminal—avoid the elements while waiting for your bus!
  • Information boards show details in English
  • There is a convenience store (Reiven House) located beside the terminal

Business information

  • Business hours: 5:30am – 12am (midnight)

Please check the bus terminal’s website for additional details and routes.


The HALL (Photo: Haneda Airport Garden)

Aside from its tourism offerings, Haneda Airport Garden is also an attractive place for business. With its 1,100-square meter event hall, 10 conference rooms, and a Grand Foyer, the facility is ideal for conferences, banquets, seminars, events and more.

What we love

  • The entire HALL can accommodate between 336 and 1,000 people!
  • Projectors, microphones, speakers, screens, and other useful equipment are available for rental

Please check BELLESALE HANEDA AIRPORT’s website (Japanese) for additional information.

Questions? Visit the OMOTENASHI Center

If you have any questions or concerns while exploring Haneda Airport Garden, please stop by the OMOTENASHI Center, located on the second floor beside the entrance to Hotel Villa Fontaine. Multilingual assistance is available!

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