Exterior of Ariso Sushi (Photo: Ignatius Koh)

Ariso Sushi

Mouth-watering sushi at Haneda Airport

Exterior of Ariso Sushi (Photo: Ignatius Koh)
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Ariso Sushi is not the average sushi parlour you see on every corner in Japan. Located at Haneda Airport's International Terminal, this restaurant is perfect for people craving a final taste of delectable sushi before they leave Japan, or those who cannot wait to hit the streets of Tokyo to look for a sushi outlet.

The sushi at Ariso lives up to its billing as "fresh and natural". Tuna belly is a common nigiri topping, but what's special about the one here is that you can feel it "melt" in your mouth. The fish is soft and easy on the palate, and even non-sushi connoisseurs can tell that this sushi is different from regular ones.

Mackerel (and horse mackerel) lovers are in for a treat as the saba and aji (Japanese for mackerel and horse mackerel respectively) nigiri are packed well and the fish is as fresh as you would expect. The mackerel is sourced straight from Kanagawa, while the horse mackerel is from Yamaguchi.

Tuna belly, mackerel, and horse mackerel sushi
Tuna belly, mackerel, and horse mackerel sushi

A firm favourite here would be the Echizen red snow queen crab, also known as zuiwaigani. Its succulent meat, combined with wasabi and the customary shoyu, is worth every yen. While the snow crab is a renowned winter food in Fukui Prefecture, those unable to make the trip there can still enjoy its famous taste at Ariso.

While you continue to stuff yourself with delicious sushi, you can also order a draft beer to wash everything down. The menu has four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean, so it is easy for anyone to order.

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