The entrance of KaZu. (Photo: Kenichi Uchida)

KaZu’s Okonomiyaki & Monjayaki

Hospitality and Japanese pancakes in Shinagawa area

The entrance of KaZu. (Photo: Kenichi Uchida)
Kenichi Uchida   - 2 min read

Okonomiyaki and monjayaki have been gaining popularity in the last few years amongst overseas visitors in Japan. Why don’t you enjoy both popular Japanese dishes at KaZu, located in Shinagawa area? KaZu also has many Japanese fans because the owners have always provided delicious dishes and Japanese hospitality, or 'omotenashi', since 1998.

Differences between okonomiyaki and monjayaki

It has been widely accepted that okonomiyaki originated in the Hiroshima or Kansai areas, and monjayaki in Tokyo area. Both dishes are similar, especially the main ingredients: flour and cabbage; but the differences lie in the way each dish is cooked. Monjayaki is more liquid compared to okonomiyaki; therefore, mixing the ingredients and grilling on the grill plate is necessary to make the monjayaki delicious. Okonomiyaki on the other hand have its ingredients mixed before grilling, because it is made like a pancake. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use chopsticks, instead we use a small spatula for okonomiyaki and a tiny spatula for monjayaki.

KaZu’s okonomiyaki & monjayaki

KaZu’s owner and master chef, Masaru, had worked as a sales person in a private Japanese company in Tokyo for more than 25 years, but he decided to open KaZu in 1998 to realize his dream with the inspiration and efforts of his wife Akemi. Masaru and Akemi do not speak English well, but they offer Japanese hospitality, omotenashi, and English menus, so you don’t have to worry about choosing KaZu even if you cannot speak Japanese well.

In terms of okonomiyaki, I highly recommend the “KaZu special” (¥1,520) which includes pork, beef, squid, prawns & scallops. There is a variety of okonomiyaki starting at ¥890 with toppings like eggs, corn, cheese, tuna, and others. As for monjayaki, why don’t you try the cod roe, rice cake, and cheese as toppings? These are the most popular topping combinations for Japanese customers. They also have a teppanyaki menu that includes beef tongue (¥960), scallops & butter (¥590) and assorted mushrooms (¥500). Kazu’s okonomiyaki, monjayaki and teppanyaki are tasty and affordable, especially compared with other restaurants in Tokyo.

Kazu's is located 100 meters east of Fudomae station.

Kenichi Uchida

Kenichi Uchida @kenichi.uchida