La Sora Seed Restaurant in Tokyo

A romantic dinner for two overlooking Skytree Tower

By Jessica A Paje    - 3 min read

Romantic. Iconic. Fresh & delicious. The words that immediately come to mind when I think of this fine dining establishment. Located on the 31st floor of the newest commercial complex in Tokyo called Tokyo Solamachi, La Sora Seed (A Food Relation Restaurant) commands magnificent views of the World’s Tallest Tower, Tokyo Skytree Tower, the Sumida River, and the city that surrounds Sky Town.

Our La Sora Seed dinner reservation was made for 6:30pm, but we decided to make our way up the elevator 30 minutes prior since a line started to form. To our surprise, others had the same idea since there’s an open section to relax and enjoy the views without having a dinner reservation. It was definitely a hot spot for viewing the Sumida River Fireworks Festival. Or, to simply share some quiet time in a somewhat hidden, but prime location.

La Sora Seed restaurant embodies natural and crisp through the woodwork design along the entrance and the selection of furniture pieces dubbed as the “Hiroshima” collection by Maruni Wood Industry of Japan. We were seated at a beautifully set oval table for two, which was pressed up against the floor-to-ceiling glass window. The table setting was elegant and the servers were sophisticated. They really made us feel special on our 17th Wedding Anniversary, especially when they were gracious enough to take many pictures of us enjoying our dining experience.

La Sora Seed is an Italian restaurant that offers lunch and dinner with a very simplistic menu selection by chef Masayuki Okuda. When making an online reservation you must decide on one of three sets for Lunch or two sets for Dinner and note your preference in the comments box. There’s a good reason for this: each dish is prepared with only farm fresh ingredients. We decided on the “Sora” menu that was priced at 7,500 yen per person. It was a special occasion, so we didn’t mind spending a little more on a meal that was exquisitely prepared with so much attention to detail and served at a table with a spectacular view. The nine-course menu had us tickled with excitement; each bite offered incredible flavors and we always looked forward to the next dish. A few of my favorites were the sweet corn soup, “Ayu” and eggplant, and the stewed chicken spaghetti with burdock.

To access La Sora Seed, take the train to Oshiage Station. Upon arrival, head towards Oshiage Station Square and take the elevators up to the 1st floor to Tokyo Solamachi. Here you will find another set of elevators to Skytree View Dining on 30F & 31F. I would recommend getting to Sky Town early in order to discover other shops within the Square and at Tokyo Solamachi. Or, just to snap another shot of Tokyo Skytree from the heel up. You won’t regret it!

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