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Le Vernis Nail School Ikebukuro

Multilingual Basic Level Nail Course

Perri Silverstein   - 1 min read

Japanese nail art is beautiful, inspiring and sometimes downright tacky. The art form is taken very seriously here in Japan and there are numerous magazines, forums and competitions dedicated to it. Le Vernis Nail School in Ikebukuro, home of Sunshine City, offers various nailist classes for hobbyists and aspiring professionals. I had the opportunity to experience the four-hour beginner course that covered the basics of nail shape, care and manicure techniques. The full course spans over 18 lessons and expands into basic Japanese nail art techniques and gel application. Japan Nailist Association certified teacher Michiyo Kitagawa guides her students through the step-by-step processes in Japanese, English and Chinese.

Perri Silverstein

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