Maruji, Japaned shop in Sugamo Tokyo (Photo: Jeremy Yap)

Maruji, The Red Shop in Sugamo

Finding good luck and prosperity in old Tokyo

Jeremy Yap   - 1 min read

Walking among the rows of shops along Sugamo, one cannot miss Maruji for its the shop that is all decked out in red. From red underwear, red clothes, red t-shirts and even red tissue papers. Now isn´t that impressive? All in the name of good luck and prosperity. So if you are an avid gambler, having a final exam coming up soon or just in need of some luck. Head down to Maruji and get one of its trademark red underwear. It may just boost your chances of getting what you want. Even famous Japanese celebrities been here, so if they are wearing these red underwear, maybe by buying one of these red products, I might get big too!

But if you are not a firm believer in superstition or luck, you can still come in and get some red socks with the images of Sugamo Mascot Duck. The best is to put it on and strut it along Disneyland and before long, you will have Donald furiously chasing you down.

Jeremy Yap

Jeremy Yap @jeremy.yap

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