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Mt. Takao

Tengu guardians of Yakuou-in Temple

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Mt. Takao, located in Hachioji City in Tokyo, is one of the most popular mountains in Tokyo and at a height of only 559 metres, an easy enough climb that even children can enjoy.

The mountain features eight trails leading to the summit, with Trail 1 being the most popular and probably the easiest. Along this course lies the famous Yakuou-in temple as well as other places of interest. The other trails offer their own appeal.

Along the way, one of the first things you will see is the Joshin-mon gate, the entrance to Yakuou-in temple. After entering the gate, you will find a lot of lanterns on either side which creates a very nice atmosphere. The temple was built in 744 by Gyoki, a monk from the Nara era associated with many famous religious buildings such as Amanawa Shinmeigu Shrine and Sugimoto Temple in Kamakura and Todai-ji Temple in Nara.

A large main building, known as Daihon-do in Japanese, was built in 901 and the detailed sculptures found there are simply awesome! They are definitely worth a look when visiting. The deities, Bhaisajyaguru and Izuna Gongen are enshrined here while many tengu statues stand within the grounds. The mythological tengu guardian has an intimate relationship with Mt. Takao and its temple.

Past the main building you will find the head office and further along, the Okuno-in. The grounds here are large enough so that you can spend some time exploring and soaking in the mountainside atmosphere. After passing these buildings, the trail will continue on, taking you to the top of the mountain. Arriving at the summit of Mt. Takao is a fantastic feeling with a view to match.

A very easy day-trip, Mt. Takao really is one of the most popular and enjoyable places to visit in Tokyo.

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