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Port of Call

An easy open atmosphere with delicious burgers

Niek Ceylan
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Sometimes the best places are hardest to find, and not that centrally located. Port of Call is one of them, but you're guaranteed to have a great time in a warm atmosphere. It offers a pretty extensive menu of burgers, salads and fried food, and if you're in need of beer or coffee, Port of Call makes sure you have choice enough.

The menu gives a lot of choice, but just enough, not too much to make you dizzy from all those tempting descriptions. The menu is well-balanced and words like ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’ won’t come up in your mind. This fits perfectly with the chilled and open atmosphere you'll feel when plumped down on one of those chesterfield sofas. Today you shouldn’t do anything, while everything is allowed. That feeling.

One of the friendly staff members hands you the three-page menu, written in both Japanese and English, so you will survive. You look through the menu and you basically want to order everything. But you start with a Smoking Potato Salad (¥550) or some Shrimp and Avocado (¥750). Maybe after that the Newport Burger with cheddar cheese, bacon and smoked salt served with fries (¥1200). To finish it gets really hard, but you choose the Banana Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce (¥700).

If you like beer, wine or coffee, you have plenty to choose from. There are 18 different beers (around ¥750). Wine costs you ¥750, but if you choose today’s red or white wine you pay just ¥450, which is a really good deal. All cocktails go for ¥650.

Now you've enjoyed the food in this beautifully designed and styled restaurant - they really have an eye for detail - you can grab a magazine from the big table, and maybe enjoy a coffee if there is still space left after that delicious hamburger and mighty cheesecake. Before you leave the restaurant, you might want to check out the store, since “Cafe & Store” is the concept of Port of Call. You will find brands such as Roial, Banks and Mowgly Surf. The store is open between 11:00am and 9:00pm.

Port of Call is mostly not busy, so making a reservation won't be necessary. But be sure to follow them on Instagram and enjoy your lunch or dinner completely tax free. You can show your Instagram account when you pay your check. Port of Call Shibuya can be found by taking the west exit at Shibuya JR station, then taking the stairs to go towards the south over the footbridge. When you're over the bridge, walk back so the train tracks are on your left, and keep following this road south until you find Port of Call on your left.

This article is based on Port of Call Daikanyama, Tokyo. See the website for more locations.

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