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Ruth’s Chris Steak House Tokyo

Luxury steakhouse, USDA Prime beef & signature sizzle!

Jessica A Paje
Jessica A Paje   - 4 min read

Special occasions call for special reservations! In San Diego, CA, our go-to restaurant when celebrating a birthday or milestone for our family of three was always Ruth’s Chris Steak House. Originally founded in New Orleans, Louisiana by Ruth Fertel in 1965, Ruth’s Chris offers the finest selection of USDA Prime, Midwestern beef. Today, the luxury steakhouse has 136 franchises in the United States and 19 International locations. As soon as we moved to Japan, we were thrilled to know Ruth’s Chris had a franchise here in Tokyo!

The number one reason people flock to Ruth’s Chris is their desire for a succulent, melt-in-your-mouth, sizzling steak like no other! How do they get their meat selections to taste out of this world? It’s a combination of things. Ruth’s Chris specializes in only serving the “Top 2% of the country’s (US) beef.” The selection comes from USDA prime, corn-fed Midwest beef and custom-aged. Steaks are broiled in its trademark 1800-degree oven to lock in natural flavors and tenderness. Cut and cooked as requested, it is served on a sizzling 500-degree plate that keeps the beef hot and juicy to the very last bite.

We had a birthday to celebrate, so we made reservations three days in advance online. Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted at the door like royalty. Not sure if this welcome is usual for all guests at any time of the day, but we were definitely the first to arrive for lunch. This would make it our second visit to Ruth’s Chris Tokyo and found the staff always attentive, friendly, and very knowledgeable.

Two of us in our party decided on the Lunch Set Entrée for 5,800 yen total. It included choice of Soup of the Day or a Steak House Salad, Coffee or Tea, and a 6oz USDA Petite Filet. I requested my filet to be Medium cooked and it came out fantastic. Boy was I in heaven once again. Brought back wonderful memories of San Diego and the beautiful views of the Marina. Most of all, my tummy was overjoyed. Perfectly seasoned and broiled to perfection, there is no need for sauces. The beef melts in your mouth like butter and your heart is content - really! At 7,700 yen my son ordered an 11oz Filet, Medium, which took quite a bit longer to prepare. Part way through our dining experience, a waiter came by to ask him if it was okay to butterfly-cut his meat for a more even distribution during the now reduced broil time. Sure, why not? I can’t speak for my boys on how their filets tasted, but I’ll take their 15-minutes of quietness for greatness. We also ordered Calamari, Caesar Salad and Baked Potatoes to compliment our meal. The Sweet Potato Casserole wasn’t on the menu like it is in the United States, but all together it was another outstanding dining experience!

Ruth’s Chris Tokyo is located within a few minutes walk from Toranomon Station Exit 5. It is nestled within the political and administrative heart of Tokyo, so the scenery beyond its wooden shutters can be somewhat dreary. The interior seating doesn’t offer the swanky high-back booths like in California, but it does offer clean lines with marble floors, beautiful cherry wood wainscoting, and crisp, white linens. Overall, it was a treat to share another special birthday at a restaurant our taste buds will never forget, no matter where we are in this world!

Jessica A Paje

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