Beautiful entrance to the temple (Photo: Natsuko Yokota)

Sensoji Lightup in Asakusa

Quiet and peaceful Sensoji at night

Natsuko Yokota   - 1 min read

I had visited Sensoji several times, but I felt I came to different place when I arrived there at night. My image of Sensoji was lively and bustling. However it was quite and peaceful on Sunday night. Motoko Ishii, who is a famous lighting designer and worked on some projects to light up Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower, successfully showcased the beauty of the traditional temple.

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Natsuko Yokota

Natsuko Yokota @natsuko.yokota

I came back to Japan April, 2013 after I had lived in the U.S.A and the UK for 3 years. I enjoyed living in those countries, and at the same time, I noticed how attractive Japan is. I want to explore Japan more!