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Photo: Sumo kokugi – Nao1213 / CC BY-SA 4.0

September Grand Sumo Tournament (Tokyo) 2024

The fifth sumo tournament of the year

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Venue : Ryogoku Kokugikan When : Sep 8th - Sep 22nd 2024

After the July tournament in Nagoya, the fifth Grand Sumo Tournament returns to Tokyo.

This 15-day event is a part of a six-tournament series that occurs annually in Japan.

If you're an avid sumo fan or simply interested in checking out Japan's national sport, we highly recommend attending the event.

2024 September Grand Sumo Tournament information

Venue Tickets available from Sumo ranking announced
Kokugikan, Tokyo Aug 10, 2024 Aug 26, 2024

Check the official website for more details about the tickets and schedule.

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Getting there

Ryogoku Kokugikan is about a one-minute walk from Ryogoku Station on the Chuo-Sobu Line.

More info

Find out more about Ryogoku Kokugikan.

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