The distinctive exterior means you can't miss Sin Den (Photo: Elizabeth Scally)

Sin Den Salon in Harajuku

Hair, nail and makeup expertise in English

The distinctive exterior means you can't miss Sin Den (Photo: Elizabeth Scally)
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You have come to one of the most fashion-conscious cities on the planet, with great variety and energy. Walk around Omotesando, Harajuku and Shibuya and you will see the casual, formal, haute couture, avant-garde, retro and far out in the big retailers, small boutiques, and on the inhabitants of Tokyo. Cheap to luxury clothing and accessories can augment or change your look. And to go with your new style, you may want a new look for your hair, makeup, and nails. Sin Den with its internationally experienced and English-speaking stylists in Harajuku’s back streets is the place to go for expert hair care.

You can’t miss the salon. Its bold white mural of flowers, butterflies and a perfectly coiffed beauty spans the black walls and windows. This combined salon and living space is in a quiet residential part of Harajuku, yet it is close to the busy shopping streets. The quiet location lets guests relax and enjoy the Japanese hair salon experience.

You need not be nervous about having your hair styled and colored at Sin Den because the stylists have experience with all kinds of textures of hair. Japanese hair salons are known for their rigorously trained staff who take their time to listen to client’s preferences, consult with you throughout the process. In the spirit of omotenashi, Japanese hospitality, you’ll be offered tea, coffee or juice, and treated to a leisurely hair washing with light head massage in the reclining hair washing station.

Japanese hair products may be unfamiliar or not widely available where you live, and Sin Den stylists introduce clients to high quality domestic and internationally-known hair products. They carefully select the right combination for your style and hair texture.

Whether you just need a simple cut and blow dry, or an elaborate updo and makeup for an event, the stylists can provide you with excellent service.

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