TELL Tokyo Tower Climb

Raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental health

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Venue : Tokyo Tower When : Mid Sep 2022


Shortened hours until further notice. Open from 9 am to 9 pm.

Latest on Tokyo Tower

It’s time to climb to save a life. Participation in TELL’s Tokyo Tower Climb helps improve awareness for World Suicide Prevention Day, which is on September 10th. The climb of Tokyo’s iconic tower takes place around the awareness-raising day and acts as a fundraiser for the NPO group.

Who is TELL?

TELL is an NPO dedicated to providing counseling and support services to Japan’s international community. Not only that but they also address the country’s growing mental health care needs.

Founded in 1973, TELL provides counseling and outreach services—by online chat or telephone—and helps thousands of people every year. The free, anonymous, and confidential system puts many at ease enough to seek the help that they need.

Why climb Tokyo Tower?

It’s simple. As an NPO, TELL needs donations to continue offering support and counseling for the people of Japan. The mental-health champion needs helpers to raise awareness and funds for their lifeline services.

Getting there

Tokyo Tower is a short walk from Akanebashi Station's exit 6.

More info

Find out more about Tokyo Tower.

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