The mall itself is incorporated into part of this roller-coaster (Photo: Nicole Lee)

Tokyo Dome City Amusement Park

A sunny afternoon at Korakuen

Nicole Lee   - 2 min read

I spent an afternoon at Tokyo Dome City. I did not know anything about this place, and prior to coming here, I did not even know this place has an amusement park on such a huge scale with over 20 amusement facilities.

I was genuinely surprised by the mere scale of this park, and it is an entertainment complex that anyone at any age can enjoy. Tokyo Dome City is a place full of life and it's joyfully infectious! Even if you're not a huge fan of amusement parks, nor a kid, the park is also a great place for a nice afternoon stroll. There is no admission fee for entering the park.

There is so much to see around Tokyo Dome City. From a traditional Japanese garden too, of course, Tokyo Dome for all the baseball fans out there, a space museum, an art gallery and more!

The name of the station right next to the park - Korakuen (後楽園, "Kōraku Park") means a place to enjoy later pleasures. The reason why this place is called Later Pleasures Park surprisingly has nothing to do with the park, yet I feel like it is a perfect name for this place!

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Nicole Lee

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