Cosplayers taking photos near the amusement park's merry-go-round (Photo: Olga Kaneda)

Tokyo Dome Illumination and Cosplay

Cosplayers enjoying "Promenade of Light"

Olga   - 2 min read

I visited Tokyo Dome City to enjoy this year's Winter Illumination, called the "Promenade of Light". Suprisingly the day I went (10th Jan) was also the day thousands of cosplayers turned up. It was the day of one of the world’s largest cosplay events, Cosplay Festa TDC. Usually cosplay is not my cup of tea, but it was my first experience to see thousands of ikemen boys and kawaii girls everywhere. Of course, some of the girls turned out to be boys wearing colorful wigs, glittering dresses and high heels. Anyway, it was marvelous –  over 2.2 million lights coupled with over 6 thousand cosplayers in attendance!

There are a number of light-up displays, so be sure you have plenty of time to visit them all. Don't forget to ride one of the merry-go-rounds or, if you prefer extreme amusement, the Sky Flower as well as the Wonder Drop. The latter is similar to Splash Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland and very splashy!

The illumination will run until February 15th 2015.

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