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My visit to TOYOTA Mega Web in Odaiba

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Closed on Dec 31st 2021 after 22 years of operation.

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There is no need to introduce Toyota, the largest automobile manufactured in the world since 2008.

Visiting Odaiba in 2011 and heading to the Odaiba Wheel I came across a display of Toyota cars. I thought it was the usual car sales yard and barely gave it a glance. Much later I came across a video on Japan Travel about Toyota Mega Web Park and thought it would be interesting to visit it. Finally, in 2019 I visited and discovered that this place in Odaiba had completely changed.

It's now a very spacious building with a gallery filled with different interactive options. It was Saturday and TOYOTA Mega Web was full of visitors. I ought to mention that it is also free of charge! On the Mega Stage there was a competition for children and virtual driving with special prizes awaiting the winners.

New car models were on display and open for anyone wishing to climb in and try them. Many willingly tried. It was interesting to compare the design of modern cars with the car I saw there from 1967 - the progress has been quite dramatic! The historical exhibition has a large collection of car models on display.

As my first profession was industrial design, I admit to being fascinated with Toyota's automobile of the future, the hydrogen-fuelled Toyota ECV Plus Concept. Its shape was pretty cool and quite unusual, offering a suggestion of the coming future. I examined the car with the excitement as it was pretty much how I'd envisioned a futuristic desogn to be! It was quite exciting. After checking a few other modern models, I kept finding myself returning to this future car again and again - it was magnetic!

If you want to see Japan's technological progress and achievements, then TOYOTA Mega Web is a good place to visit. And it's free...

Getting there

TOYOTA Mega Web is located near Aomi Station on the Yurikamome Monorail Line.

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