Ueno Zoo #1 – Cute Grass Eaters

Pandas, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, zebras...and more!

By Tomoko Kamishima    - 2 min read

About 400 species of animals live in the oldest zoo in Japan, Ueno Zoo (established in 1882). Among them, the most popular animal here is the Giant Panda. Everyone loves its chubby round body and cute actions (See video 0:00-0:30).

When I was here, an elephant was gracefully eating green grass (0:44-0:55). He chewed very well. Barbary sheep and zebras live together in the same area. Two Barbary sheep locked horns together. I wasn't sure if they were just playing or seriously fighting. Then a zebra slowly walked by before them (0:56-1:09). It seemed like the zebra was trying to calm them down.

A giraffe walked at the same measured pace without rest (1:10-1:17)!

The body of the rhinoceros looked to be wrapped in armor (1:18-1:32). If I crashed into him, even in a car, it would be very scary!

Tapirs are said to eat dreams in Japan, but this one was enjoying eating leaves on this day (1:38-1:44).

Prairie dogs are so cute (1:46-1:58). The motion of their eating looked like a video set to fast-forward!

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Tomoko Kamishima

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