Ueno Zoo #3 – Various Monkeys

Gorilla, Gibbon, Japanese monkey, and Ring-tailed lemur

By Tomoko Kamishima    - 1 min read

There are eight gorillas in Ueno Zoo. They look a bit fierce (0:00-0:29) but actually they are vegetarians, mainly eating 30 kinds of low-calorie vegetables every day.

Gibbons live on the trees and rarely come down to the ground. But on the day I visited the zoo, a gibbon came down to watch us humans carefully (0:30-0:43).

More than 20 Japanese monkeys hangout at the monkey mountain in the center of the zoo. The highest ranking member of the group is a female. It's very fun to watch their behavior (0:44-1:12): Child monkeys playing innocently, a male monkey flirting with a female monkey, a young female monkey enjoying some quiet time alone.

Ring-tailed lemurs are near the bridge over Shinobazu-no-ike (pond). They were grooming themselves under the warm sunshine (1:19-1:47). Their big fluffy striped tails were so cute!

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