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Kiddy Kabuki

Where young children in Yamagata take up Kabuki roles

Janessa Landry   - 1 min read

This children's Kabuki festival traces its young origins to a current Kabuki performer born and raised in Akita. This performer heard that the shrine in Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture where I believe he lived, was coming on hard times. To help stabilize the shrine financially and in construction he donated some money. In order to show their gratitude the residents in Sakata set up the festival. This festival is not just in honor of the actor, however, it is also to encourage young children to keep up the art and to keep the culture of Japan alive.

This festival is completely amazing. It is not only adorable to see little children act out the iconic characters from traditional stories in Kabuki, but it is also incredible to see how well the children are able to pull off these really difficult characters. I would highly recommend to go see the ultimate cuteness and talent this festival can offer. Read more about the festival here.

Janessa Landry

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