The Konponchudo Hall is Yamadera's oldest building. (Photo: Amber Mezbourian)

Yamadera Colours in Autumn

An autumnal visit to Yamagata's famous mountain temple

Amber Mezbourian   - 1 min read

Yamadera's history dates back to 860 AD when Tennin, a priest of the Tendai Buddhist sect, founded the temple Risshaku-ji in its grounds. This original temple was destroyed in the early sixteenth century and the present buildings were rebuilt later that century. In 1689, the prolific poet Matsuo Basho visited Yamadera, writing about it in a haiku. Nowadays, it is one of Yamagata's most popular attractions. Atmospheric in every season, it is perhaps at its most beautiful in early November when the leaves turn a variety of rich reds and oranges.

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Amber Mezbourian

Amber Mezbourian @amber.mezbourian

I spent three years living in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET Programme, not knowing what to expect but with images of Tokyo, geisha and Mount Fuji in my mind. I was placed in Yamagata prefecture in a small rural town that I couldn't find in any guidebook. I learnt to sno...