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Ninja Cruise to Chiba Castle

Discover the way of the ninja

Tom Roseveare
Tom Roseveare   - 4 min read

The Musashi Ninja Clan is offering a fantastic day-trip opportunity to wannabe ninjas this coming January.

On 27th and 28th January, combine a boat cruise across Tokyo Bay—taking in the sights such as Umi-Hotaru on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Skytree—with an authentic ninja experience at the top of Chiba Castle!

Chiba prefecture is a popular destination just east of Tokyo. It is commonly known for being home to Tokyo Disneyland, Makuhari Messe and Narita Airport, but Chiba has plenty to offer further afield across the whole Bōsō Peninsula.

As well as learning a bit about Chiba Castle itself, you'll get to see professional demonstrations by the Musashi Ninja Clan. Their unique history dates back to the Tokugawa Shogunate, who they served when their leadership, the Shibata family, became retainers for Tokugawa Ieyasu for 265 years, as metsuke (inspectors) and onmitsu (agents).

When not busy practicing Ninjutsu training or honing their secret Ninpo techniques, the Musashi Ninja Clan can usually be found at their Tokyo-based dojo, where they operate as a think-and-do tank in the modern era, offering workshops, seminars and performances.

On this unique Ninja Cruise tour, after your arrival at Chiba Castle (a modern reconstruction based on Odawara Castle with a museum-like interior), you'll get to witness martial art demonstrations, dance performances and participate in several ninja workshops – all taking place on the top floor where you'll get some great views of Chiba too.

Demonstrating the ninja throwing stars, 'shuriken'
Demonstrating the ninja throwing stars, 'shuriken'

Receive instruction on how to move stealthily and gain insights into the ninja's meditative ritual of Kuji Kiri and its nine hand signs. Learn how to throw shuriken ninja stars or take aim with the ninja's fukiya blowgun – all whilst dressed in your very own ninja outfit for added authenticity!

The Tokyo Bay cruise is not just a means of transport either – during the journey, members of the Musashi Ninja Clan provide lectures on the history of the ninja and share several dance and music performances, as well inviting guests to interact with several of their mysterious tools and weapons.

Umi-hotaru parking area in the distance, on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line
Umi-hotaru parking area in the distance, on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line

On Jan 27th and 28th, participants will have the chance to start from either Haneda Airport, or Chiba Castle, so for those looking to combine a fantastic day out to Chiba prefecture with a masterclass in all things ninja, book your spot today and don't delay!

Getting there

Haneda Airport can be reached by the Keikyu Line and is just 15 minutes from Shinagawa Station.

Chiba Castle can be reached by taking the 03-1 bus from Chiba Station – it's a 15 minute ride.

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