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Aug 31st
The event has a variety of dishes on offer from different corners of the globe
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World Journey Buffet

Enjoy tastes from around the world at the Hilton Narita

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Hilton Narita When : Jul 1st - Aug 31st 2021

With international travel proving difficult or impossible at the moment, many people are turning to international cuisine to get their worldly fix. A limited time event at the Hilton Narita takes guests on a world journey through food, with tastes from various countries across the globe.

The menu includes Korean-style noodles, a Mexican-inspired quinoa salad using locally grown vegetables, a Mediterranean seafood pasta, and a Spanish gazpacho to name just a handful of dishes.

The price per head for the event differs depending on the day and time of your visit. Prices range from 3900 yen for adults during weekday lunch sittings, through to 4900 yen for dinnertime sittings. Reservations can be made by visiting the official Hilton Narita website.

Getting there

The Hilton Narita is located 15 minutes from Narita Airport via taxi or via the free hotel shuttle. For those who opt to drive, on-site parking is available at a price of ¥400 per day.


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