Flying Over Fields Edged in Sakura

Pretty pink cherry blossoms in cosmos fields in Fukui

Hiroshi Ohnuki   - 1 min read

Ever since the cherry blossom season started it has been raining in Fukui. My frustrated drone said, 'I wanna fly, fly, FLY over cherry blossoms!' on a rainy day. No matter how hard I tried to stop him, he didn't listen, and started to fly around in my small car. To calm him down, I drove him to the famous cosmos fields in Miyanoshita where cherry trees line the green fields. Then guess what? As soon as we arrived the rain stopped! My drone couldn't wait any longer. He flew out of my car and soared into the sky to enjoy an idyllic view of the beautiful cherry blossoms edging the green fields!

Hiroshi Ohnuki

Hiroshi Ohnuki @hiroshi.ohnuki

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