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Jul 26th
Part of the hydrangea hill at Jupia Land Hirata
Sugikats/CC By SA 4.0

Hydrangea Festival at Jupia Land Hirata

A scenic rainy season delight

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Jupia Land Hirata When : Jul 1st - Jul 26th 2021

Each year during Japan's rainy season, Fukushima's Jupia Land Hirata is home to an impressive hydrangea festival which also coincides with a variety of colorful lilies in bloom. There are a number of paved walking paths through the grounds where visitors can appreciate the blooms up close.

As is the case for any flower festival, the dates can fluctuate slightly from year to year depending on blooming conditions. Based on last year's event, plan for the first few weeks of July - but do check the official website for updates closer to the season.

Adult admission to the event is 500 yen - junior high school aged children and below receive free admission.

Getting there

Jupia Land Hirata is located around 10 minutes drive from the Hirata IC on the Abukuma Kogen toll road. On-site parking is available.

For those using public transport, the venue is around 20 minutes by taxi from either Ononiimachi or Natsui Station, served by the Ban'etsu East Line.


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