Kusatsu Onsen Getaway

A relaxing escape from Tokyo

By Claudia Martinez Sierra    - 2 min read

Just 4 hours away from the big city of Tokyo is the small getaway town Kusatsu located in the middle of nature and away from all the skyscrapers and loudness of the city.

There are two main ways to get there: by Train or by JR bus, we choose going by bus due to the fact that the price was lower, a total of 6,360 both ways was the price for the ticket, leaving from Shinjuku Station and arriving to Kusatsu Bus Terminal.

On our arrival to Kusatsu all the main hotels are at a walking distance from the station so there is no need to take train, bus or taxi to the main resorts here.

After arriving we walked to the Yubatake the hot water field symbol of Kusatsu, which is a good idea to walk around to see the color fo the water and the many food and souvenir stores around that area.

There a couple of restaurants as well as snack stores around so if you go hungry it is the best spot to eat and just wander around.

Another of the main activities that people do there is soaking their feet in the several ashiyu located around the area, a good choice to relax after a long trip!

Staying in one of the many Onsen resorts is a must here!

Nothing compares to taking a hot bath in one of the many onsens hotels normally offer to their guests, putting on a Yukata and going to eat a freshly made dinner, which in my opinion is a huge amount of fresh and healthy food.

After that you can either relax for a while in your room or, what I recommend the most is going to walk again at night and look at the illumination of the Yubatake, which is a completely different scenery than from the day view, and totally worth it.

To summarize if you like onsens or want to try them going to Kusatsu is the best choice, there are a several bathhouses to choose from, but staying at a onset resort would be the ideal choice, taking as many baths as you want and enjoying the delicious food traditional of this onset resorts is a different experience to have outside the big cities.

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