Cape Muroto Lighthouse Festival 2024

Head inside this historic structure for one day in November

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Cape Muroto Lighthouse When : Early Nov 2024

Kochi's Cape Muroto Lighthouse was first illuminated in 1899, and it looks out over the waters of the Pacific Ocean. A festival is held at the lighthouse in early November each year, allowing visitors to explore the interior of this historic structure – and this is something that can only be done during the event.

Along with getting to check out the inside of the lighthouse, festival attendees can enjoy a variety of food and beverage stalls alongside music performances and hands-on experiences.

There is no admission fee, but bring yen if you want to purchase food or drinks.

Getting there

The Cape Muroto Lighthouse is best accessed by car, but bus services are available to the general area. From Nahari Station (Tosa Kuroshio Railway's Asa Line) take the Aki-Geopark Line bus bound for Muroto High School / Muroto Office for 55 minutes until you reach the Skyline Gate stop. From there, the lighthouse area is about 30 minutes away on foot.


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