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Karuizawa winter festival fly
Karuizawa winter festival fly (Photo: Lynda Hogan)

Karuizawa Winter Festival 2024-2025

For a Christmas to remember

Lynda Hogan   - 1 min read
Venue : Karuizawa Station When : Late Nov 2024 - Early Mar 2025

Karuizawa is a popular get away destination, particularly in summer and winter. In winter it is perhaps best known for its winter sports, ski resorts, ice skating parks and curling events. Add a dazzling winter festival with illumination galore and festive events and you have the elements of a season to remember. Moreover, for the period before Christmas they have several Christmas events such as a market and a towering 10 meter high Christmas tree. Furthermore, the Karuizawa Kogen Church has become one of the symbols of Karuizawa Christmas with 2000 candles decorating the already picturesque church. All combined, Karuizawa is the perfect Christmas get away location.

The 2020 Karuizawa Winter Festival is on from November 28th to February 24th 2021. The illumination is on between 5.30 pm and midnight. Most of the illumination and events are centered around the North exit of the Karuizawa Station.

Getting there

The illumination is located close to the North exit of the Karuizawa Station on the Hokuriku Bullet train line and Shinano Railway lines.

By car: via the Usui-Karuizawa interchange of the Joshin-etsu expressway.

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