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Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival

Contemporary art around Ryotsu Port

Kim   - 2 min read
Venue : Ryotsuebisu Shopping Street, Sado, Niigata When : Early - Mid Aug 2024

Known for its pristine natural landscapes and longstanding cultural traditions, Niigata's Sado Island is no slouch on the art scene, either. The Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival is one example of this, and the two month long event brings a variety of modern art to the Ryotsu Port area.

Some of the artists involved in the event include Mihoko Ogaki, Masahiro Usami, Jill Stassar, and Kenta Maruyama, with everything from site-specific works to residence projects (where an artist stays in the area and produces art over a longer time period) on display. There will also be art-related lectures, tours, and even an art camping experience in the area – dates are still to be determined for those additional activities.

Photo: Sado International Art Promotion Organization

Passport tickets for viewing the artworks are priced at ¥2000 (advance sale) or ¥2500 (on the day). Advance tickets can be purchased online via Peatix here.

Getting there

The majority of the works will be displayed at vacant stores along Ryotsuebisu Shopping Street, which is about an 8 minute walk from Ryotsu Port.


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