Genmai Café

Vegan eats centered around brown rice in Osaka

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Of the myriad different rice types on the market, brown rice is commonly regarded as one of the healthiest options available. For instance, brown rice has higher levels of dietary fiber than white rice, which is said to assist digestion, heart health, and aid in weight management among other benefits. One Osaka-based eatery puts brown rice at the forefront of their healthful menu, and their name is Genmai Café – literally, brown rice café.

The café views food as the basis for how we nurture our bodies, and as a result their menu is filled with flavorful and health conscious ingredients. The dishes here are vegan, with no meat, dairy products, or eggs used, and local produce is incorporated into the meals wherever possible. Some of the offerings available include the brown rice spice curry ( ¥ 1,100) which uses various South Indian spices, the Ichiju Sansai plate (¥ 1,045) which includes brown rice, soup, and three antioxidant-packed side dishes, or the Ichiju Gosai plate for bigger appetites (¥ 1,320) which comes with brown rice, soup, and five side dishes.

Photo: Genmai Enzyme Co., Ltd.

For those seeking a sweet treat, Genmai Café also has dessert options made without eggs, dairy products, or flour – so they're suitable for celiacs as well as those following a vegan diet. There are plenty of beverages on the menu too, including organic teas and coffees (including brown rice coffee), organic juices, sodas, and more.

The desserts don't use traditional flour, so they're suitable for celiacs, too
The desserts don't use traditional flour, so they're suitable for celiacs, too (Photo: Genmai Enzyme Co., Ltd.)

For those planning to stop by, the café is open from 11 am until 5 pm daily.

Getting there

Genmai Cafe is located an easy five minutes on foot from Hommachi Station, which is served by the Osaka Metro's Midosuji Line, Chuo Line, and Yotsubashi Line.

As there is no dedicated parking lot for the café, visiting via public transport wherever possible is recommended.


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