The streets of Hozenji Yokocho soon fades off into the modern metropolis of Osaka (Photo: John Carter)

Hozenji Yokocho

Remnants of Edo in Dotonbori

John Carter   - 1 min read

Getting drawn to the neon glow of Dotonbori like moths to a flame is all too easy. The seemingly infinite shops and restaurants make a great tourist destination but the modern buildings weren't always here. Located down a narrow side street a piece of Osaka’s history still lingers. Hozenji Yokocho is a small slice of Edo lined on each side by shops and restaurants of the modern era. Famous for its moss-covered statue of Fudo-myo (the god of mercy) the area can be seen in minutes from north to south but is worth every second. Illuminated by lanterns at night the area has a personality much different from its surroundings and offers a small respite from the bustling city around you. I made my way there from Hotel Kuramoto after a 10-minute walk and spent some time enjoying what remains of the Osaka of old.

John Carter

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