Modern Osaka

Futuristic buildings of Kansai's merchant city

By Elena Lisina   May 8, 2017 - 2 min read

A visitor to Osaka will find a city that is very different to that prior to World War II. Osaka literally was rebuilt from the ashes following the war, and while Osaka Castle may look old, it was actually rebuilt. While I was too late to get inside, it was actually filled with modern technology. Actually, I was surprised to see the elevator inside the Castle. There was a great view from the top, where you can imagine what it was like to rule over the city below.

The hotel where I stayed was Sky Plaza Osaka, which had a special upper part made of glass. With its restaurants and a spa, guests can take a bath and then relax with views of the Osaka skyline at night.

On the next day I walked on a wide boulevard to Umeda Sky Building. On my way I saw the Kansai TV building., which looked dazzling with its bright blue color reflected on the sky. The Umeda Sky Building was also amazing, and it took me a long time to properly capture it in photos from its ‘Floating Garden” observation deck. I’ve never seen such architecture before, it was so futuristic. Here you can read its history and be inspired by the futuristic projects of the past.

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