Tako Tako King

The essence of Osaka street food

By Flavio Spezzacatena    - 3 min read

As you go to Rome to see the Coliseum or to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower or to London to see Big Ben, a trip to Osaka is surely to see the Tako Tako King pub! This chain has three shops in the Shinsaibashi area and inside of one of them you can relax yourself listening to good music and enjoying a meal served by the crazy staff.

It's my favorite place in Osaka. If you ask me, "Hey, Flavio! Where do you want to go tonight, to the Tako Tako King or out with a beautiful girl?", well, in that case I'll choose the girl, but in all the other cases Tako Tako King will be my first choice.

I like the atmosphere and the staff are always smiling and ready to follow you on the street until you disappear from their view (probably they'll also follow you if you don't pay the bill, but in that case I suppose without smiling). So funny, my friends! As you surely know, takoyaki is typical Osaka street food. Tako in Japanese means octopus. Tako Tako King means a nice place to stay. Inside, have a look on the walls. They are full of strange objects and tags. If you get drunk you'll see even stranger things.

Takoyaki is the best food there, but you can ask for something else and then enjoy the good choice of drinks: beers and soft drinks are my favorites, but you can also ask for a glass of hot or cold water.

In particular, I like very much having Calpis Soda on the rocks with the company of nuts during my interesting chats with my friends. But last time I went alone and my chat with myself was more interesting than usual because nobody got drunk while plugging their ears during my discussion.

I suggest that you have a close look at the bathroom, too. Let me know what you think - after that experience you'll be totally on their side and will become one of Tako Tako King's supporters.

P.S. If in Osaka someone sees a man running with a T-shirt in his hands and two or three boys following him screaming in Kansai dialect (one of them shirtless), that will be me...

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