Higashi Chaya District

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Higashi Chaya District (Photo: Higashi Chaya District – Benh LIEU SONG / CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Higashi Chaya District (ひがし茶屋街) is a traditional teahouse district east of Kanazawa Station which known for its geisha performances. Comprising song and dance, these were a historical fixture at the local chaya teahouses since the Edo Period. This eastern district is just one of three in Kanazawa—alongside Nishi Chayagai and Kazuemachi—but Higashi is by far the largest and most well-known.



1-13 Higashiyama, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0831 (Directions)


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Ten minutes from Kanazawa Station via the Kanazawa Loop Bus (Right Loop). Alight at Hashibacho (Koban-mae), RL5, before a brisk 5 minute walk.

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Higashi Chaya District

Higashi Chaya District

Avery Choi

Higashi Chaya District is a picturesque area with cobblestone alleyways and traditional wooden architectures of the Edo period.

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Soshin, Kanazawa

Soshin, Kanazawa

Peter Lin

Soshin is a Japanese-style cafe located in the historic Higashi Chaya area in Kanazawa. This charming cafe serves great coffee and desserts including ice cream, cakes and parfaits as well as light fare including sandwiches and pizza. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxing and provides a nice break when you have walked through the traditional Chayamachi district. There is a counter space on the ground level and an open cafe space with tables upstairs. Soshin is open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and closed on Wednesdays. The nearest bus station on the Kanazawa Loop Bus route is Hashiba-cho.

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Sakuda Gold & Silver Leaf Company

Sakuda Gold & Silver Leaf Company

Meg Sing

After first opening in 1919, Sakuda flourished at the time when golden Buddhist statues and figurines for putting up on altars picked up in demand. Its business has developed from the sole production of gold-leaf production to selling its own gold-leaf accessories.

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Kanazawa’s Gold Leaf Production

Kanazawa’s Gold Leaf Production

Meg Sing

Experience the history and production of Kanazawa gold and silver leaf. The very name of Ishikawa prefecture’s capital city translates literally as “golden marsh”.

Ishikawa 11.8k 5
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Higashi Chaya District


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In Kanazawa in Japan's Ishikawa prefecture, Forza Hotel is an elegant, comfortable but reasonably priced hotel, well located for sights and shops.

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Kanazawa Omicho Market

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Kanazawa Omicho Market is an old fresh food market that was established during the Edo period, consisting of more than 170 stalls arranged in its network of alleys. It is a colorfully covered food market that had fish stalls plus grocery stores, and restaurants.

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Kanazawa Castle

Kanazawa Castle

Kanazawa Castle is a partially-reconstructed castle located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. Up until the Meiji Restoration period in 1871, lords of the Maeda Clan occupied the castle. The castle building is part of the sprawling Kanazawa Castle Park, where you can also find the Kenrokuen Garden. In 2008, the castle was designated as a National Historic Site. Most of the castle's original structures were burnt down during a fire in 1759. Unfortunately, another fire struck Kanazawa Castle in 1881, after several structures had already been rebuilt. Now, Kanazawa Castle has been steadily reconstructed to match how it looked in the 1850s.

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Kenrokuen Garden

Kenrokuen Garden

Located within Kanazawa Castle Park in Ishikawa Prefecture, Kenrokuen Garden is one of Japan's most famous traditional landscape gardens. Together with Kairakuen and Korakuen Gardens, Kenrokuen Garden is one of the Three Most Beautiful Gardens of Japan. The gardens span 11.4 hectares, encompassing the Kasumigaike and Hisagoike ponds, Kotojitoro stone lantern, fountains, and seasonal foliage. Throughout the year, visitors can enjoy the sight of seasonal flowers such as plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, azaleas, and irises. During winter, the pine trees at Kenrokuen are protected using a special method called yukitsuri. Yukitsuri literally translates to "snow hanging", and is a method of arranging ropes in a conical shape to protect the tree branches from breaking due to the weight of the snow. Kenrokuen was named after the six factors that best bring out the beauty of a perfect landscape garden. The six factors are spaciousness, artificiality, antiquity, an abundance of water, beautiful garden views, and tranquility. Within the garden compounds, there are several teahouses, confectioneries, and restaurants. This shophouse-lined street is a popular spot during spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

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Nomura Samurai House

Nomura Samurai House

Nomura Samurai House (武家屋敷跡 野村家) is a historical family estate in the Nagamachi area of Kanazawa. This restored Edo period home reveals what it was like to live like a samurai, with its own tea ceremony room and enchanting Japanese garden.

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