Izumi no Mori Restaurant

A highway stop with gratin, pasta, and desserts

Bret de Colebi
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This is a very reliable highway rest stop. In fact, we should think of it as that because that is certainly its defining characteristic. Located right on the side of highway eleven, between the Saijo and Komatsu exists from the Matsuyama Expressway, it is very easy to swing by on your travels. Parking is not a concern, it boasts a massive parking lot for a restaurant of its size. Finding a seat in the restaurant is no concern either, as there are dozens of tables.

The highlight of the restaurant is the appearance of its dining areas. Original, unique, comfortable, relaxing, spacious, and interestingly decorated, you can take a much needed repose from the road here. There are a variety of different seating arrangements, it's actually quite surprising. Tables, different kinds of booths, nooks, and bar-style seating are all arranged throughout the restaurant so that you can pick your preference. This makes it a very nice place to sit back, enjoy conversation, and give yourself a break. There is also a shop located in the middle that sells both food and clothing.

To call it a highway rest stop does give the image that the neighborhood is just a bleak roadside landscape, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It is located in the same neighborhood as Saijo's grand shrine for Ishizuchi Mountain, the rich waters of Yu no Tani Onsen, and number 64 in the Sacred 88 Pilgrimage, Maegami-ji.

The one problem with Izumi no Mori is the meals. The offerings are more expensive than other restaurants, and the food's quality and preparation do not mirror that increase in price. The one bright side to the food was that it came quite quickly, and the service was likewise very prompt.

The drink selection and desserts are definitely the highlight of Izumi no Mori's selection, and are recommended. Just order your favorite drink and a light snack, sit back, and unwind from your drive. It's a great place to talk about plans, the sights of the day, or to look over photos. Take your time, and consider it your highway oasis.

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