Venus Fort (Photo: Elena Lisina)

Aomi Station in Odaiba

Main attractions near the station

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Tokyo’s Odaiba is one of those places that is full of things to do and see. On weekends it’s popular with Tokyo citizens as well as visitors to the capital. The convenient way to get to Odaiba is to ride the Yurikamome Monorail Line from Shiodome Station.

There is something to see at each station on the Yurikamome Line and in summer of 2019 I visited Aomi Station. Quite close to it, on both sides of the track, I found four places worth visiting.

Venus Fort

Venus Fort is a three-storied shopping mall. Venus Fort offers all kinds of fashion shops, special shops for pets, children and families, restaurants and attractions for kids. Venus Fort is beautifully designed and decorated in an Italian theme. You feel as if you are walking on Italian streets with a fountain and church, shops designed with an Italian motif and even ceilings mimicking an Italian sky. Whether you shop or not, it’s nice to walk there (especially on a very hot summer day) and have a lunch.


TOYOTA Mega Web is a free automobile theme park showcasing the future of car technology. It's located by Yume Hiroba, a public square where, during my visit, there a J-pop fan group event of some sort occurring. TOYOTA Mega Web offers interactive experiences with its new car models with virtual test driving opportunities.

Odaiba Ferris Wheel

Odaiba Ferris Wheel,, named Daikanransha is 115 metres tall. When it opened in 1999, it was the tallest in the world. On a good clear day the views are really exciting. Since my rather eerie and somewhat dramatic visit with an approaching typhoon a few years ago, Daikanransha has been renovated with new colourful cabins.

TeamLab Borderless

Digital Art Museum TeamLab Borderless is located on the foot of Daikanransha. It’s one of the newest and most exciting museums I’ve ever visited. On weekends the museum is crowded and it’s better to purchase a ticked in advance to be on the safe side. The ticket isn't necessarily cheap, but it’s truly worth it!

Getting there

Aomi Station is the tenth station from Shimbashi on the Yurikamome Monorail Line in Odaiba.

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