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Chiku Chiku CAFE

A hedgehog home and cafe in Shibuya

Rachelle Joy Potente
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ChikuChiku Cafe gives people a chance to interact with hedgehogs. Each hedgehog has its own home with a certain theme. Visitors are allowed to take pictures of the hedgehogs, hold the hedgehogs, and feed the hedgehogs.

Once you have paid for your time, a staff member will take you to a dollhouse and introduce you to the hedgehog. Only 2 people are allowed per cage and you are not allowed to play with any other hedgehog than the one you have paid to spend time with. The staff member goes over the specific guidelines on how to hold the hedgehog and what you are and are not allowed to do with it.

Beverages are available at a self-serve vending machine in the cafe. They have options for hot and iced coffee and various teas, such as matcha and oolong. They also have a sink where you can wash your hands before making your beverage.

Interacting with the Hedgehogs

Your hedgehog may seem a bit sleepy as you interact with it, but the staff come around often to play with the hedgehog and show you just how cute these animals really are! Since hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, you must be understanding and show some proper respect if your hedgehog just wants to crawl into a corner and relax. They are an amazing animal just to look at.

Friendly Staff

The staff takes extra care to ensure the hedgehogs are well looked after. They speak basic English so if you ask them questions about the hedgehogs, they will be able to answer you. They also walk around often to make sure the hedgehogs are interacting with you and even show you different ways the hedgehog can be held.

Michiko looking for food.
Michiko looking for food.
A staff member showing what the hedgehog looks like curling up into a ball.
A staff member showing what the hedgehog looks like curling up into a ball.

Getting Your Own Hedgehog

If you enjoyed playing with the hedgehogs and would like to buy one of your own, ChikuChiku Cafe has a variety of hedgehogs for you to choose from. The prices depend on what kind of hedgehog you would like, which depends on the age, the colour or if you want a hedgehog that is already used to interacting with humans.

A standard hedgehog is 14,000 yen, a pied hedgehog is 16,000 yen, a brown hedgehog is 18,000 yen, and a cinnamon hedgehog is 20,000 yen. They have hedgehogs with other colors, but you must ask and the prices may vary. The cafe even has baby hedgehogs if you would like to raise your own hedgehog.

Prices depend on how much time you would like to spend with the hedgehog. For 30 minutes, it is 1,300 yen and the snack is 400 yen. Private sessions are also available for 60 mins for 32,000 yen.

Getting there

ChikuChiku Cafe is a 2-minute walk from Shibuya Station on Miyamasuzaka Street, just by the First Kitchen hamburger shop.

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