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Crafts & Permaculture Country Mall

A concept store in Meiji Dori

Erika Arceo
Erika Arceo   - 2 min read

CPCM, which stands for Crafts and Permaculture Country Mall, is a new concept store situated on Meiji Dori that has been a new hot spot for the unconventionally stylish and savvy. Conceptualized by Takashi Kumagai, a renowned designer, photographer and influencer, CPCM is proud to stand as the first crafts and culture shop in Japan since late 2015. The concept for the store was highly inspired by the Los Angeles based RTH, where Kumagai worked with designer Rene Holguin. Kumagai has personally picked some of the items being sold here from his frequent jaunts around the USA.

As soon as you begin to walk through the shop’s reclaimed wood and brick-decked interiors, you will experience a relaxed, fresh, and rustic lifestyle all rolled into one. It is a mixture of the antique and the contemporary, the western and eastern cultures, the indoor and the outdoor touch. It is creating a balance on the relationship between the urban and the natural.

The store’s main selling points are its carefully curated artisanal crafts and furniture pieces which are located on both two floors of the building. Items for sale range widely from handmade artistry such as pottery and ceramics, accessories, camping necessities, custom-made hats, interior goods, and various vintage items.

As you walk up through the stairs, you will be welcomed by a lineup of indoor plants. A bit isolated but perfectly placed in the corner is a tent-like stall full of scents. At one corner you will find hand-woven products by Emily Katz hanging on the wall. Go further into the 2nd floor and there is a room full of hunter-styled items. Along with these, there are also bohemian inspired apparel collections for men and women. And when you are finished with shopping, you can drop by back to the first floor for a sip of coffee and a taste of sandwiches.

Crafts and Permaculture Country Mall has a lot more to offer once you get to experience the shop first hand. The entirety of this store truly and creatively exudes an artisan vibe, one which perfectly fits those who are unconventionally stylish.

Erika Arceo

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