Curry Stand in Shibuya: J.S. Curry

A specialty curry stand for Tokyo's busy individuals

Rachel Liu
Rachel Liu   - 3 min read

Newly opened in Shibuya's Cultural Village, J.S. Curry aims for providing food that matches a dynamic lifestyle. They use local ingredients with elements of different seasons to provide the most authentic Japanese curry.

There are two selections in J.S. Curry, a cultural line and a standard line. The cultural menu changes with time and started with the theme “The Curry of Japan.”

Recommended plates include “Yamagata pork curry” (¥830, tax not included, same below) and “Yamagata pork cutlet curry” (¥900), which are made of local ingredients, namely the best quality pork loin from Yamagata Prefecture.

A must-try dish is “Whole ayu & butter spice curry” (¥1050), which provides a natural flavor of the ingredients with a craft blend of spices to present you with a finely crafted dish. “Spinach & mozzarella cheese curry” (¥880) well mixes the flavors of each ingredient, along with a strong herb scent.

J.S. Curry
J.S. Curry

The standard line centers on their signature dish “J.S. Curry” (¥920), which combines home-made tandoori chicken, fresh tomato, cucumber, green pepper marinade, nuts, coddled egg, in a lean that is rich in peanut butter and refreshed with radish. If you want to try more than one kind of curry, you can order “Twin curry” (¥920) and choose two kinds of curry from the menu, which will be served on one plate.

For toppings, there is a wide range of options, from soft-boiled eggs, cheese, cutlet, tandoori chicken and bacon, to tomato, grilled potato and avocado. For drinks, recommended are vegetable smoothie, lassi, chai, and ginger ale. It is also a good deal to order the salad set, in which you can choose one salad and one drink, for only ¥380. The menu is all in English and you can always ask staff for authentic Japanese curry recommendations.

Getting there

J.S. Curry is a 4 minute walk from Shibuya Station, or a 5 minute walk from Shinsen Station. They welcome customers to dine in or order take-out.

Rachel Liu

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