Blueberry pancakes piled high with whipped cream (Photo: Mandy Bartok)

Eggs 'n Things

One of Tokyo's most popular breakfast spots

Blueberry pancakes piled high with whipped cream (Photo: Mandy Bartok)
Mandy Bartok   - 2 min read

Despite having spent a considerable number of years in Japan, I have never quite given up my love of the American-style Sunday brunch. Luckily, Tokyo has a number of restaurants to accommodate those seeking sustenance of the eggs and bacon variety and one of the city’s most popular brunch destinations is Eggs ‘n Things. Even better, Eggs 'n Things can cater to your brunch cravings at any hour of the day.

Eggs 'n Things first opened in Hawaii way back in 1974 yet at least in Japan, it has yet to see a decline in popularity. Should you show up to their Harajuku branch on a Saturday or Sunday, expect to queue for at least 30 minutes. Staff will kindly pass out menus to those waiting in line, which – given the massive amount of items on offer – is a welcome service.

Eggs ‘n Things offers numerous varieties of omelets, at least half a dozen choices of pancakes with fruit toppings and sour cream and fruit sweet crepes. If that's not enough, there are a few waffle choices as well as some combination meat and egg platters. The additional seasonal specials are a slight step up in price but feature unique combinations like salmon and avocado on toast with roasted potatoes and coconut French toast with strawberry drizzle. For Halloween, the restaurant is touting a purple pancake (the shocking color coming courtesy of the purple sweet potato sauce) with mango and raspberry topping.

While I was slightly disappointed with the texture of my omelet (though the kahlua pork and spinach contained inside was well-flavored), my husband’s simple coconut pancakes were delicious. Topped with the restaurant’s signature coconut syrup (and a bit of regular maple syrup mixed in), it was the perfect sweet start to my morning. Expect all pancakes to come adorned with a tower of whipped cream, even the kids’ platter. Egg dishes are accompanied by the choice of potatoes or toast.

Eggs ‘n Things offers indoor seating on two floors and an outdoor terrace with umbrellas. While you will most likely be stuck waiting in line for brunch, you can make reservations on the Eggs 'n Things website for anytime after 17h00.

Mandy Bartok

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