Executive Fight Night VII – Lucky 7

Enjoy epic showdowns between titans of industry

May 19
Venue: Grand Hyatt Ballroom When: Friday - May 19th 2017 , 7:30pm - 11:00pm

On May 19th, at the Grand Hyatt Ballroom, Executive Fight Night will return to host epic showdowns between titans of industry – all for an excellent cause.

This year is more exciting than ever, as two previous EFN Fighters of the Night, Chad Laferty, USA (EFN 5), and Aaron Glenn McCain, Belize & USA (EFN 3), return to face-off in the ultimate All-Star Match!

All proceeds for the event will benefit Shine On! Kids, a certified non profit dedicated to supporting children with cancer and other serious illness in Japan and their families. Funds raised from EFN are going to support SOK’s innovative Facility Dog Program, which aims to improve treatment outcome and children’s approach to medical treatment/therapy.

Those wishing to participate can do so in a number of ways (without having to step into the ring and face off!). Various ticket packages can be purchased by individuals or corporate entities, each with its own level of recognition. For those who wish to contribute but are unable to attend, you may sponsor a particular fighter, which will also enter you in a chance to win prizes from a raffle event to held on the night.

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Rachel Liu

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