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Genghis Khan Kirishima

Mongolian style lamb barbecue in Shinbashi

Kota Ushio
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Mongolian-style barbecued lamb is typically known as 'Genghis Khan' in Japan. Genghis Khan Kirishima opened in Shinbashi in January 2019. The restaurant is operated by an ex-Sumo wrestler, Mr. Kirishima, and offers high quality lamb meat. Enjoy a great 'Genghis Khan' experience there.

New dinner option in Shinbashi

Shinbashi is one of the most significant business areas in Tokyo. Shinbashi is also very famous as a drinking spot. Even during the week you can see a lot of people enjoying drinking in the retro atmosphere. In spite of that, there aren't really any healthy food restaurants. Most of the restaurants in Shinbashi sell ramen, or are Japanese style izakayas. That means Shinbashi is a popular drinking place for men, but not for ladies. This new restaurant, Genghis Khan Kirishima, could be a good choice for office ladies because Genghis Khan is one of the healthiest styles of BBQ.

When you first sit down in Genghis Khan Kirishima, you are served bean sprouts as an appetizer. Don't eat them raw. You should grill them and dip them in sauce. When I went to the restaurant I enjoyed five different types of lamb: lamb tongue, lamb shoulder, thick sliced lamb, 'special' lamb and lamb chop. When you are ready to grill your lamb, there is card with simple instructions. Although the instructions are only written in Japanese, there are pictures which make it easy to understand whatever your language is. Hoping you will enjoy the new Genghis Khan restaurant in Shinbashi.

How to cook Genghis Khan?

  1. When Genghis Khan grill is hot, spread lamb fat on the pot.
  2. Put the bean sprouts around the edge of the grill, leaving space to cook the lamb in the center.
  3. Put lamb on a center of the grill and wait for few minutes until 'gravy' appears.
  4. Turn the lamb over.
  5. When the meat looks well-done it's time to eat!

Getting there

Genghis Khan Kirishima is 3 minutes walk from the Karasumori Exit of Shinbashi Station

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