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Oyster House Kodaharu

Restaurant specialising in oysters comes to Shimbashi

Sophia Qin
Rachel Liu   - 3 min read

Oyster House Kodaharu (かき家 こだはる), located 2 minutes from Shimbashi station, is somewhere not to miss if you are an oyster fan. The oysters are carefully selected from different areas around Japan, so they taste different in terms of saltiness and sweetness.

The staff are keen to introduce the many ways to prepare and enjoy oysters, such as serving them raw, grilled or even shabu-shabu style (hot pot) – they'll help you choose the best way according to your tastes.

(Photo: Sophia Qin)

For those who are not satisfied with eating only oysters, Oyster House Kodaharu also provides a variety of seafood, such as the combination of oyster and sea urchin, whose rich flavors and creamy taste complement each other. Sashimi is also popular as you can enjoy the freshest fish each season.

(Photo: Sophia Qin)

To ensure customers have the best oyster tasting experience, Oyster House Kodaharu serves more than 90 types of alcohol to accompany their menu, including oyster sake which you will not normally see in any other restaurants. Japanese sake and various wines can complement well your order of oysters and make for a memorable night with friends.

(Photo: Sophia Qin)

With its convenient location and available private rooms, Oyster House Kodaharu is a great location for small or large gatherings. If you would like to try the most authentic Japanese oysters, add Oyster House Kodaharu to your list of must-go restaurants in Tokyo.

Getting there

Kakiya Kodaharu is just 2 minutes walk from Shimbashi Station.

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