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Harmonica Quina

Okinawan Comfort Food in Kichijoji Harmonica Yokocho

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Harmonica Quina is a cozy Okinawan food stop in the atmospheric alleys of Harmonica Yokocho. Located within minutes of Kichijoji station by foot, the star of the menu is taco rice, a delicious fusion of Mexican and Japanese food consisting of seasoned ground beef on a bed of rice topped with cheese and finely shredded lettuce and salsa. Mayonnaise is optional. The taco rice comes in three sizes, (small, regular or large) with a small portion being enough food for a single person. The mild salsa is very flavorful but light on spice but there is also a hot salsa option as well. Other available toppings include avocado, beans, sunny side up or soft-boiled egg and fried onions. An omelette version can also be ordered.

Anther Okinawan specialty on the menu is soki soba, a simple soup of noodles topped with stewed pork ribs. There are also options to customize the soba with sea lettuce or a marinated egg. Available drinks include various sodas including A&W root beer, juices, tea (with iced jasmine tea listed as a Okinawan specialty), coffee, draft beer and other alcoholic beverages including Okinawan Awamori. There are also various side dishes on the menu including chips and salsa, potato salad and Orion beer nuts. The menu also includes seasonal specials for both the taco rice and soki soba.

The decor is cozy and charming, with a few tables downstairs and a larger space upstairs. The staff are friendly and the service is efficient. The simple ingredients of the taco rice shine through in flavor, the ultimate in comfort food. For a delicious meal off the beaten path in a kitschy setting, this is a great spot. Harmonica Quina is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. The food is also available for take out. Take the North Exit from the Kichijoji Station and look for a yellow sign across the street which marks the main entrance to Harmonica Yokocho.

Getting there

Harmonica Quina is located near Kichijoji station on the Keio Inokashira and Chuo-Sobu lines and is a few minutes walk from the station

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