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Hooters Shinjuku

Delightfully tacky yet unrefined

Hal Halverton   - 1 min read

Almost one year after opening in Tokyo's Shinjuku district back in May 2015, Hooters Shinjuku hosted the American chain's annual Miss Hooters Japan contest for 2016 on April 25th.

The top 20 finalists gathered at Hooters Shinjuku to celebrate all things Hooters with a legion of Japanese fans, including the iconic uniforms, waitresses and Hot Wings.

Known for its "Delightfully tacky yet unrefined" slogan, the Hooters menu includes American style casual food and drinks, specializing in chicken wings, beer and cocktails. The girls are tightly dressed, energetic and often bilingual due to the large foreigner crowd, and surely help Hooters appeal to those seeking lively entertainment and larger-than-life personalities.

Throughout the year you can catch various events including swimsuit competitions, costume contests and more.

Hal Halverton

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