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Jomon Roppongi

An izakaya that serves delicious yakitori in Roppongi

Logan Williamson
Logan Williamson   - 4 min read

Jomon Roppongi is an izakaya that serves some of the best yakitori in the area. Jomon quickly stole our hearts as a place we went back to again and again. Between the energetic, friendly staff and the absolutely delicious food they are cranking out of this always packed little restaurant, it is hard not to fall in love with Jomon!

Located just far enough away from the craziness of the main drag of Roppongi, Jomon stands out as an ideal destination for both tourists and locals alike. Jomon Roppongi can be a bit hard to find if you don’t know what you are looking for, so make sure to look for floor to ceiling open windows with those eating inside facing out towards the street. You’ll notice a few plastic crates lining the restaurant as well, and you might even see a few of the customer’s bare and socked feet sticking out of the windows too!

There typically is a small crowd of people outside Jomon since it can get really crowded at peak dinner times, so look for that too. Once you find Jomon Roppongi, potentially be prepared for a wait. It’s very small and only offers a limited amount of seating, but don’t let that stop you from waiting those extra few minutes. You don’t wanna miss out on such a wonderful place!

The restaurant itself is warm, inviting, and full of energy. The layout of Jomon makes the most of the small space it possesses and packs in as many people as possible. There is low seating at the bar and seating directly behind the bar at the windows. There is just enough space for the waiters and customers to walk back and forth between these two areas with a few small tables in the back. There is another room as well, but we have yet to be seated in that area, so I can not say how much more space is available there. The decor is earthy with most of the accents being wooden and everything has a really cozy feel. If you sit at the bar you will see a quite impressive display of the various alcohol they have and you can also see all of the amazing kebabs they serve as well.

Jomon Roppongi offers specials each day of various dishes and different yakitori that is not seen on the main menu, but you can’t go wrong with the basics. There truly is something for everyone at Jomon. I recommend trying as much as you can. I got a single chicken, pork, and beef skewer my first time to see what I liked. I’ve noticed a lot of other customers will do the same as well and then order more of whichever ones they liked.

The chicken is especially yummy as it is served with a little dollop of wasabi right on top which really adds a punch of flavor. Some unique items they offered were various cheeses and vegetables that would be cooked alongside your meats in the same manner. I got avocado and mozzarella, which were both skewered and cooked on the grill. I highly recommend them. I’ve never had anything like it! They were absolutely amazing!

Besides the food, the best part of Jomon Roppongi is the staff. Incredibly friendly and boisterous, you will feel right at home there. They seem to genuinely enjoy their customers and getting to know them, which is really adds to the whole experience and appeal of Jomon. It can get a bit loud in there, but it’s all part of the fun. I can not recommend this little restaurant enough! It is a must visit spot in Tokyo!

Logan Williamson

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